My name is Amy Beeler and welcome to my enchantments. Each enchantment is an original, hand-sculpted piece made from polymer clay, fabrics and this and that. This is a place of fairies, witches, elves, ghosts, snowmen and all manner of whimsical beings. I hope they will enchant you.......*"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." *Roald Dahl

Friday, February 1, 2013


Well, it has been since June 2012 since I last posted and so much has happened that I am not even going to try to tell you all about it....instead we will just start again from today. Thank you, by the way to all my wonderful, loyal customers who made my 2012 fall/holiday show season the biggest most successful yet!

I will be doing two spring shows and I will be posting those date soon....also....I have some very exciting news coming up!!!!!In addition to having my enchantments featured in Holly Berry House in the Springs, I am going into a new, awesomely wonderful, AMAZING new store in Castle Rock.! Stay tuned for an announcement right here soon on the grand opening in which my enchantments along with some other amazing artists will be featured!!! Until then, I promise it won't be long until we "chat" again! Take care have an enchanting day!!!!!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Colorado Renaissance Festival

How dost thou farest oh enchanted friends?  Hehe....just practicing my King's English because I am the honored recipient of an invitation to be guest artist at the Colorado Renaissance Festival for two weekends in June and I am beyond excited about it! I will have my own little "enchanted" building in the artisans village right next to the Birds of Prey. This festival is full magic and fun and wonderful characters from long ago. There is a jousting contest and a pirates' pub to name a couple of things, and everyone at the festival, (including me), must dress in period renaissance costume......I have a peasant costume so it is going to be like Halloween only in the springtime! I will post pictures of the festival and hope those of you who live in the area will make it a point to attend this very special annual festival.

 I shall see thee anon!

Some of the pieces on their way to the festival

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring has sprung!!!!

It has been awhile since I have written on my many things to do, to attend to and to plan. We have had alot of moisture this month, thankfully, in Colorado and everything is gloriously green! I have been doing alot of yard work and the spring clean up is finally done. Just impatiently waiting another couple weeks for it to get warmer before I plant of my most FAVORITE things to do!  Hope you all are having a wonderful spring also.

Forest Fairy Sadie Mae
I am close to finalizing my Fall/Holiday show schedule and will be posting here soon. Next month I start work on my fall line and am very anxious to get back to witches and pumpkins and all things fall. ....Well that is all for now. Just wanted to say a quick hello and to also say a thank you to all you loyal customers who visit my etsy shop on a regular basis. You will never know how much I appreciate it! Until next time, enjoy the springtime!

Enchanted Blessings,

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spring Just Around the Corner.....

Forest Fairy
Forest El "Mushroom Hopping Competition"
Little Red Riding Hood
It has been awhile since I have written in my blog but the enchanted doodler has been crazy busy! The work table is overrun with leprechauns, spring fairies, forest gnomes and fairy tale characters. There are so many ideas bouncing around in my head and I am attempting to bring them, one by one, all to life! For the remainder of February I am devoting all my time to getting my etsy shop stocked and getting Holly Berry House stocked!  I also have two spring shows coming up the last two weekends in March so need to start on the new 2012 pieces for Easter. There are never enough hours in the day for the enchanted doodler!
Hope you all had a wonderful start to 2012....this year we have the summer Olympics in London, the Presidential election and who knows what else!

Hope you have new adventures to look forward to and don't let any exciting opportunities pass you by! Wishing you magical enchantments every day of this new year!

Talk to you soon!

P.S. I will be posting my 2012 show schedule soon!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Georgetown Christmas Market

The entrance to Strouss Park where the outdoor Christmas Market is located

Early morning market set up....14 outdoor booths total
the christmas tree in the middle of Strouss Park right next to the market

The Enchanted Doodler Booth

My daughter, Callie, my "elf" helper the second weekend of the market

Setting up my booth at the market
The Georgetown Christmas Market was once, again, a huge success. This event is truly a magical holiday experience. I wanted to upload more pictures but for some reason my blog is not taking anymore! I have a picture of the horse pulled hay ride that takes visitors touring around historic Georgetown and also the fire pit in the middle of the park where market goers gather to warm their toes and sip on hot cocoa and hot cider. The first weekend was very cold....a high of 15 degrees both days but there were plenty of hearty folks that came and enjoyed. The second weekend was glorious with sunshine, blue skies and temperatures in the 40's! Attendance at the market was record-breaking the second weekend and it was even difficult to navigate the sidewalks at times in the tiny town. The Enchanted Doodler booth did very well the first weekend and sold out the second weekend. My daughter, Callie, helped me the second weekend and  it made the experience that much more special having her with me. This entire small, historic mountain town is festooned with fresh cut pine garlands and thousands of  mulit-colored lights. Pine garlands and branches decorate windows and wooden casket planters up and down the street, transforming Georgetown into a magical Christmas town.If you ever have a chance to go, the market is always the first two weekends in December and I have no doubt that you will find it as charming and enchanting as I do!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Christmas Season is here!

Hi everyone! Well, tomorrow is December 1st and Christmas Day is less than a month away! This year has flown by! There are a couple of new pieces on the etsy store "shelf" and more to come soon......I am scrambling to get ready for the Georgetown Christmas Market this weekend. It looks like the weather will be cold and North Pole like but it will be so much fun and it is truly a magical, holiday experience. I hope you can make it up for one of the two weekends the market runs. However, for those of you who cannot, I plan to post pictures from the Market on my blog and will post the them the first part of next week.

Will talk again soon but remember to take the time to embrace this truly magical and festive time of the year!

Enchanted Blessings,

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Week Enchanted Delivery to Holly Berry House...

All new enchanted Christmas designs will be delivered this week to Holly Berry House on Wednesday, November 23rd.! I am so excited to be spending Thanksgiving with my folks and my sister in New Mexico will be a time for sharing good company, good food and football! Hope you have an enchanted Thanksgiving with your loved ones and will write again soon as this weekend marks the official kick-off for the magical, holiday season!
Enchanted blessings,

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Elves Sitting on my Etsy Shop Shelf.....

Hope everyone had a wonderful, enchanted Halloween! Now it is November, only about a week away from Thanksgiving! Where did the autumn go?  There are some new enchantments in my etsy shop so check it out and I will be stocking my etsy "shelves" with more Christmas whimsies in the days to come!

Enchanted Blessings,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A reminder from Mother Nature......

Hello everybody! It has been awhile since I visited this enchanted blog but things are always crazy this time of year! Colorado was hit with a giant snowstorm last night and today....I have well over 12" at my house and countless broken tree limbs EVERYWHERE! True to the weather in Colorado, however, it will be back in the seventies by this weekend. I think of it as Mother Nature's way of reminding us of just who is in charge.....This is a picture of a special order I completed today and I shot the picture with my snowy yard in the background. The weather today put me in a Christmasy mood which was perfect for finishing this piece but I will gladly welcome back the magical autumn weather tomorrow as there is a lot of fall left......Hope you are enjoying a magical autumn!
Enchanted Blessings,

Friday, October 7, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!

This Halloween piece was inspired by Halloween nights I remember as a child. The witch "Trixie" is taking her little brother and sister trick or treating and she has been telling them scary ghosts stories. You can see the wicked little smile she has on her face as she is fully aware that she is scaring the wits out of her younger siblings and loving every moment of it. The darkening neighborhhood streets on this blustery, Halloween night, has taken on a slightly sinister atmosphere and their puppy dog, "Bouncer" wishes he were back home snug and cozy in his doggie bed chewing on his new bone.......What was that moving in the shadows across the streets?........I have just added this piece to my etsy shop. I have another which will make its way to the Mollie McGees Fall Market next weekend. I hope some of you will come out to see me!

Have a wonderful autumn evening...tomorrow is supposed to be in the forties, cloudy and rainy..... perfect fall weather for halloween creating and a crock pot full of chili!

Autumn blessings!

Monday, September 26, 2011

A peek of what I love to collect.......

I thought I would share with you a little of what I love to collect.....I love pumpkin all forms and this pottery is made by a very special and very gifted friend of mine, Chaucy Shader. Chaucy and I started our businesses at about the same time years ago. She has a huge following here in Colorado and sold out at the festival also. Luckily I grabbed my three new additions before the show started! Chaucy's pumpkin pottery is, in my opinion, unequaled, and in a class all its fact, all of her work is.  Anyway, just wanted to share a peek of some of the art in my house....all one of a kind and all originals. If you want to see more of her magical pottery you can at I hope you are enjoying these beautiful autumn days and decorating for the season too!

Enchanted autumn blessings,

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Festival!

The Blacksmith Shop

The original Rock Ledge Ranch House

Some of the outdoor vendor tents
Enchanted Doodler booth almost finished at set-up Fri. Morning

My booth was located in this large "circus" tent

View from the front of my tent
Here are a few pictures I took at the festival...the outside pictures were shot a couple hours before the festival opened as I knew I would not be able to leave my booth later. I hope they give you an idea of how beautiful the setting is for this show. The Rock Ledge Ranch sits right in the "shadow" of the Garden of the Gods, so named because of the spectacular rock formations located in the region. The ranch is a living museum and there are draft horses, cows, sheep, chickens and peacocks living on site. There is a blacksmith shop and visitors can tour the beautiful, restored original ranch house. The money raised from the festival every year helps to fund the upkeep of the ranch......My booth appears a little "shaggedy" but keep in mind that we set up inside a giant tent in the middle of a horse pasture and there is no such thing as a level surface! The festival was a huge success, once again, this year and I sold out by noon on the first day! It is so awesome every year to see all my wonderful, loyal customers who come to see me and I appreciate each and every one of them!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Deck the Halls!

Although I am currently focused on all things Fall and Halloween, I am offering some Christmas/Holiday items at the upcoming Rock Ledge Folk Art Festival for those customers unable to make it to my Christmas shows. Here is a little peek of a snowman scene that will be offered at the show. I am planning to take lots of pictures at the festival to share with you here on my blog.

Work is fast and furious at the enchanted workbench and the work days get longer and longer the closer it gets to show time! But this is the best time of year in my opinion....I love autumn....I love the leaves, crisp apples, pumpkins, hot apple cider, the smell of wood smoke from my cookstove chimney....just everything! Be sure and take a moment to savor all things is just an enchanting time of the year!

Enchanted Blessings,